Father warns people about online predator on Musical.ly app

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BATAVIA, Ill. (CNN)-- One Illinois father thought the music app his young daughter was using to make video with friends was harmless. That was until someone started messaging her and asking her to take off her clothes.

Brad Frakes said his 7-year-old daughter was using the Musical.ly app to make music videos and connect with her cousins in Wisconsin.

"They make goofy little videos with goofy faces. It was just a very fun thing until this happened."

While the app, described as the world's largest creative platform says it is not intended for kind younger than 13, Frakes says his daughter was using his wife's phone and was closely monitored.

"We took it to be it was OK."

But someone who claimed to be a 9-year-old messaged his daughter and asked her to send photo without her clothes on. When she said no, whoever was behind the screen told her to go in the bathroom and take some.

"We taught her that if anyone asked her to show herself in ways that she was uncomfortable with, that she come to us and let us know. And that's exactly what she did."

Frakes posted the exchange on Facebook, hoping to warn other parents. Now, it has already been shared more than 80,000 times.

"We thought when we downloaded this app that it was a kid friendly app."

A spokesperson for Musical.ly said parents should be using device-based parental controls to see what their kids are doing at all times.

Kids who are not 13 are not supposed to have their own Musical.ly accounts.

"Even in the case of this girl, the parents really felt like they were doing a lot and yet she still faced that danger. So it's always going to be out there, it's just a matter of trying to reduce the risk and then talking to our kids about what to do when they run into the problem," Liz Repking, Cybersafety Consulting said.

"We're not going to stop all the predators, but we can at least make our kids as safe as possible," Frakes said.

The Frakes' say they started talking to their daughter when she was just 5-years-old about the dangers she could face on the internet. Now they say they are so grateful they did.

"She is our little hero, It goes to show that she does listen. Her room remains a mess like I tell everyone, but for this she actually paid attention and we believe that she's probably saved a lot of kids lives."

Local police are investigating the case and warning parents to teach their kids good online habits.