Eagle River ice castle will not be built this year

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EAGLE RIVER, Wis. (WSAW) The Eagle River Fire Department announced Friday it will not build its traditional ice castle this year due to poor ice conditions.

The castle is built most years during the weekend closest to New Year's Day by Eagle River volunteer firefighters and community volunteers.

Some years the castle cannot be built due to weather conditions and 2019 will be one of those years. The firefighters delayed the start of construction, hoping the ice conditions would improve, but they haven't.

Volunteers need to cut about 3,000 12-inch thick ice blocks from a local lake to construct the 20-foot-high structure. The ice is not frozen deep enough this year due to milder than normal temperatures.

In 2018 the castle was built and stayed up until Feb. 13.

The ice castle is a popular tourist attraction that draws visitors from across Wisconsin.