Deep Bench: The effects of holiday stress on your mental health

WAUSAU, Wis. (WZAW) -- The season of joy can also be the season of stress for a lot of people. So how do you lessen the burden?

Rick Jass talks about holiday stress on NewsChannel 7 at 4. (WZAW photo)

Rick Jass from Charis Counseling in Wausau was on the Deep Bench on Friday to talk about the triggers for holiday stress and how to manage your stress level.

"Number one, it's very busy, obviously. Not only do we have our day to day life that we have to maintain, but now we have the extra things of shopping for presents and going to children's holiday and Christmas programs and meeting with extended family that we don't always get along with," Jass said.

He said financial stress can also set in when you are spending more than you want to or your budget allows.

Another factor that can play a role when it comes to stress during the holidays is comparing things like decorations, presents and relationships with other people on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

In the short term, Jass said stress can affect sleep, which can effect your immune system and could make you sick. In the long term, the stress can cause anxiety or depression.

To manage the stress, Jass recommends to set boundaries for yourself.

"It's ok to say no, You don't have to keep up with the Jones' and do everything. The other thing is to adjust expectations for yourself," he said. "Take care of yourself. Sleep. Eat better."

He added that it's best to just slow down.

"Hurry is one of those things that steals our joy."