DPI investigating former Stevens Point elementary principal

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Department of Public Instruction is investigating former Jefferson Elementary School Principal Scott Huff, who resigned just four months into the job.

Huff submitted his resignation one day after he was notified that the Stevens Point Area Public School District was recommending he be terminated. According to documents NewsChannel 7 received in an open records request, there were allegations of misconduct against him.

The District found that Huff violated "the District's policies and expectations in the supervision, restraint and seclusion of a student."

It also found Huff didn't respond to calls for help, and made staff members uncomfortable. Huff first took the principal position at Jefferson Elementary in July 2018. In early November, the District informed him it was investigating the misconduct investigations and he'd be on non-disciplinary administrative leave with pay.

On November 28, the District informed him of their decision to terminate him. One day later, his resignation took effect.

Huff says in a letter written December 19 that he was unaware he made staff uncomfortable, and his failure in school policies was in fault due to not knowing the procedures of the district.

According to Tom McCarthy with the DPI, they cannot provide any records or disclose any information.

A spokesperson with the Stevens Point School District says Mike Devine, a retired SPASH principal, is serving as principal through the end of the year. The District will begin hiring process for Huff's position later this year.