Fire Chief: Ashes caused Schofield house fire

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SCHOFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) -- Clean up continues Monday morning after a Schofield house fire Sunday afternoon. The Spring Street home was evacuated around 2 p.m., according to firefighters at the scene.

The initial investigation shows ashes from a fire the night before reignited in a dumpster, before spreading to the rest of the home. Riverside Fire Chief Rob Bowen says it acts as an important reminder when handling ashes.

"Without watering them down, you never know if they're cool enough," said Bowen. "So if there's something to take from this, is water down your ashes before put them in a dumpster."

Bowen says fire crews had an issue getting to the second floor of the home due to a ceiling collapse. WPS workers had to shut off power to the home before firefighters could knock down the flames from inside the house.

A latest word there were no injuries and both people who were inside were able to get out safely.