1st Avenue in Wausau sinking, construction set to begin

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- First Avenue in Wausau has been deteriorating for years, but now the damage is so apparent something needs to be done.

"It's something the city has been keeping its eye on for quite a few years. It's now time for us to do it [the project]. There's some structural issues there, and it has become a point where it's going to become a major safety issue," Public Works Director Eric Lindman said.

Right now, the road is literally sinking. The work to fix the road could start later this month, or even in early June. The stretch of road that needs to be fixed runs past 3M. That means that the company will need to change truck routes for the six-month project.

"Once the construction starts then we'll have to reroute our haul trucks from the quarry to go down Sherman and on to Stewart," Wausau 3M Plant Manager Todd Bullard added.

The summer might be difficult for the residents who are affected by the road closure, when they try to get around town, but Lindman said they will benefit in the long term.

"We just want to ensure people that when these are done, traffic will flow better and conditions will be much better. In the grand scheme of things, six months is a short-term process for a long-term fix," Lindman explained.

The project is going to cost right around $1 million. That’s because the company that is doing it, is working near one of the city’s main sanitation lines. So, if the line was cracked in the process and they have to fix it, they wanted to have enough money to do so.

The city will be meeting with the building company and the Department of Transportation on May 28th to talk about the construction and figure out the next steps.

If you want to see the detour set up for once the work begins, click here.