The seat to replace the first woman to ever serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is up for election

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) An open seat on the State Supreme Court has sprung two challengers to launch campaigns in their bid for Justice.

The open seat on the State Supreme Court comes from retiring liberal Justice Shirley Abrahamson. Abrahamson was the first woman to serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

One of the judges vying for the seat brought her bid for Justice to Wausau. Lisa Neubauer is seeking to become the next Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She is now the Chief Judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, District II.

Neubauer will run against her colleague, fellow Appeals Judge Brian Hagedorn. Neubauer visited NewsChannel 7 Thursday to send a message to voters. She's emphasizing to voters she brings more than a decade of experience in the court room and has made decisions on thousands of cases.

However Neubauer stressed that in all her work in the law, she has decided cases objectively and without any partisan leanings. If elected to the the Wisconsin Supreme Court, she told NewsChannel 7 she intends to continue doing so.

"People can look at my record. I am not a blank slate. What they will see is that I truly believe that our courts have to be the nonpartisan, independent fair branch" she said.

The election to replace Justice Abrahamson will take place on April 2, 2019. NewsChannel 7 will continue to follow the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice and will provide additional information on Appeals Judge Brian Hagedorn as we gain more access to him.

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