Campgrounds still busy after 4th of July

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- The 4th of July brought in a lot of traffic to the campgrounds across the area, making for a busy holiday week for both campers and staff. For Rivers Edge Campground in Stevens Point, it was no surprise that the grounds would be full, as all the campsites were booked back in March. Through the week the campground had to turn over about 40 different campsites every day.

PJ Childers who has camped at Rivers Edge with five other families for the past few years knew that if she wanted a good spot that she had to register for her campsite when the sites became available at the beginning of the year.

"We had to book back in January. And we love to get the beach sites so we know they're the first to go so right after the New Year," Childers said. "We just all started calling each other after the New Year to get our sites booked and then put them put them on our calendar".

Sarah Krause, the director of Rivers Edge Campground said that while people may think that campground workers get off in the winter, they are actually preparing and booking sites for the upcoming summer season.

"So our January, everybody thinks I'm at home sleeping and not doing anything, I've got my winters off but it’s the complete opposite. We're taking a lot of phone calls and taking tons of reservations," Krause said.

From now through Labor Day Rivers Edge Campground is booked with a few open sites on various weekends. Krause said that amidst the chaos the campground still manages to have a lot of fun.

"We are booked every weekend, and we are busy every weekend. It's just non-stop fun here. I hope that everyone can feel like they are part of our family and come back year after year."

Rivers Edge provides themed weekends throughout the entire summer with special events. Coming up for the campground this weekend is Christmas in July followed by a luau.