Aunts welcome Jayme Closs home

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BARRON, Wis. (WSAW) -- Jayme's aunts say they never doubted Jayme Closs would come home. But after three months of agonizing worry mixed with hope, they've never been more ready to welcome Jayme home.

Kelly Engelhardt will never forget the moment she heard the news.

"Disbelief, excited. I cried instantly. I fell to the bench that was sitting there when they told me. I got up and I hugged the chief deputy. The smile on his face was like, I knew. I knew it was good news, and I just cried."

"Just to see her, just to look at her, just to see that she's okay," said Carla Closs. "And--" Englehardt added, "not ask her anything."

Their happiness overflows as they thank their community and the nation for its support.

"We could never thank everybody and anybody enough for everything they've done, from local to national. We haven't had so much support for Jayme; we can't thank everybody enough."

Jayme went missing on October 15 after a mysterious 911 call led police to find Jayme's parents shot dead in their home in Barron. 88 days later after thousands of tips and two massive searches but few leads, a woman walking her dog Thursday evening spotted the girl walking down a road in Gordon. Jayme ran up to her, screaming that she had escaped from a man who had killed her parents. Police arrested a suspect less than half an hour after making contact with Jayme, who was able to give them a description of his car.

21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson is now in custody facing charges of two first-degree intentional homicide counts and one count of kidnapping. He's set to appear in court January 14.

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