Aspirus updates visitor guidelines in Wisconsin locations

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Aspirus has announced new visitation guidelines effective Tuesday.

The following guidelines now apply at Aspirus’ Wisconsin hospitals (inpatient and outpatient areas):
• Adult patients may receive one visitor, age 18 or older, per day. Exceptions may be made for terminal patients.
• Pediatric hospital patients may have two adult support visitors at a time.
• Labor and delivery patients will follow the same guidelines as above, with no more than two siblings allowed to visit for a maximum of 30 minutes each day.

In hospital emergency rooms:
• Adult patients may have one support person over 18 years of age.
• Pediatric patients may be accompanied by two adults.

In outpatient clinics:
• Adult patients may be accompanied by one person over the age of 12.
• Patients at outpatient cancer infusion centers may be accompanied by one person 18 or over.

“To slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic Aspirus adopted rigorous safety measures, one of which was visitor guidelines,” stated Ruth Risley-Gray, Aspirus Senior Vice President and System Chief Nursing Officer. “Those efforts – along with clear guidance from local and state governments and strong community support – have helped flatten the curve. So, Aspirus is thoughtfully relaxing visitor guidelines because we know visitors bring comfort to our patients.”

Aspirus continues to take the following COVID-19 safety measures:
• Screening visitors for symptoms and fever at all designated entry points.
• Requiring visitors to wear a cloth cover or facemask while in the facility, perform frequent hand hygiene, and restrict their visit to the patient’s room or other designated area.
• Observing social distancing guidelines.
• Preventing visits by those diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days.
• Preventing visitors for adult patients being treated for COVID-19.
• Visitors who are currently experiencing or recently experienced any acute respiratory symptoms such as cough, or shortness of breath within the past 14 days are not permitted.