Alpine skiing and Archery leads off Badger State Games

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- The first events of the 30th annual winter Badger State Games kicked off Saturday. Amateurs from all over Wisconsin gathered to compete in alpine skiing and archery.

"So the Badger State Games, this is the 30th year they've been in existence, since 1989. They've got winter games and summer games, its amateur Olympics," Wisconsin Badger Games Archery Volunteer Administrator Christopher Janke.

Elementary through high school aged students put their athletics talents on display but athletes of all ages can compete individually or on teams.

"It gets people involved in an activity and a healthy sport where they can participate," Janke added.

Athletes like Elliana lone who competed in these games and sees how these games represent Wisconsin.

"You have that these winter sports that not many other states have, they just have basketball, soccer and volleyball like all year round,” Lone said. Then you have curling and archery and stuff like that, that happens here in Wisconsin. It's neat to see the smaller sports in Wisconsin that we have to offer," she explained.

Even though they might not be as popular, sports like archery show inclusivity to students.

"A student that maybe doesn’t make one of the other sports has the opportunity to compete in something they wouldn't," Wisconsin Badger Games Archery Volunteer Administrator Kris Schumacher said.

For people who are interested, the Badger State Games gives people the chance to try new sports and try to win a gold medal.

"You got to make your feet move, get involved and try something new and pursue that," Janke added.

Both events ended today. The next event for the Badger State Games, is another archery event starting on January 18th.