Wausau homicide suspect family says: they were friends

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A Marathon County judge set bond at $100,000 cash bond for 19-year-old David Anselmo. It was previously set at $500,000.

He was formally charged today with first degree reckless homicide and using a firearm while intoxicated in the shooting death of 19-year-old Troy Wilcox in Wausau last weekend.

Police were called to a home on 2nd Avenue last Friday, (June 7) with the report that a teen had died.

The criminal complaint says Anselmo told investigators his finger was near the trigger of the gun when it slipped and pulled the trigger.

Anselmo's sister says the victim and her brother were the best of friends. "Those two have been close. Those two were always together. Fishing together, sleeping over and just always together," explained Marisela Anselmo.

Court documents say Anselmo left the house after he fired the gun that killed Wilcox without performing any life saving measures.

His sister says his brother was scared. "Why did he flea the scene he was scared," said Anselmo. She also says she didn't know Wilcox had a gun in his possession.

Anselmo is due back in court on June 24 for preliminary hearing, where a judge will rule if there's enough evidence for the case to go to trial.