100 tons of road salted need during Thursday's snowstorm in Wis. Rapids

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WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis. (WSAW) -- The city of Wisconsin Rapids said they used 100 tons of road salt to prepare and clean up Thursday’s snowstorm. The city received more than 10 inches.

Director of Public Works Joe Terry said salt supply has been an issue all season.

"With the amount of snow that everybody's received, later this winter... and everybody's demand for salt...it just isn't available. The docks are empty. We're cutting it down to… right down to scratching the corners. But as long as we don't get another event, we'll be just fine,” Terry laughed.

He said the city’s salt supply is down to about 300 tons. He said the city ordered 900 tons in February and have yet to see any of that.

Terry credited the Public Works Superintendent and Street Superintendent for doing a great job managing remaining inventory.

Late season storms are very disruptive to spring maintenance, Terry added. He said the storm forced the city to push back a major construction project on East Grand Avenue by about a week. The project is still scheduled to be completed by November.