Soggy start to day doesn't discourage golfers at NC7 Golf Classic

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- The final day of the NewsChannel 7 Golf Classic Men's Senior event got off to a bit of a soggy start, as rain forced some competitors like Rich Houston to abandon their round and seek shelter in the clubhouse.

"It was moist, and it got a lot wetter as we were going out. It was coming down pretty hard," Houston said.

Competitors were stuck inside, watching golf on the television, as opposed to playing it themselves.

"When I get in those situations I just slow down, everything is just slow," golfer Tom Larson said. "I take my time with everything, I don't rush. So if you do that you can kind of make up some of that time, but if it's a long enough wait yeah you can get in a situation where you're standing around just waiting to go out there and play and that can kind of play on your mind a little bit."

The rain did eventually come to a rest, and players were able to warm up and tee off.

"The low spots were pretty soggy, but the high spots were pretty dry, they stayed really dry and hard. The water had just rolled off of there," Houston said.

The soggy spots had some players, changing the way they played, and a few quick bursts had players going for their rain gear. But in the end, everyone who stayed finished the day.

"It worked out pretty good. I find that it's just water, it's not gonna hurt you. You just have to mud through it," Larson said.