Sibling Rivalry: Brother and sister compete in NC7 Golf Classic

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- This is Claire Tomczik's first year competing in the NewsChannel 7 Golf Classic, but that doesn't mean she's not familiar with the event.

Her older brother Derek has competed on the men's side for the last few years alongside their dad Dave. He competed in this year's Senior Men's event in order to watch his kids play.

"There's a picture of us from four years ago when they were playing and I wasn't, and it's just really cool to see them playing and we can kind of compare scores and it's a cool feeling to know that my dad and brother are doing the same thing as me," Claire said.

"Not many people can say that their sister and their dad are playing in the same tournament as them," Derek added. "They're on the course talking about what did you do on this hole, what'd you do on that hole?"

With all that experience on this course and in this event, was Derek willing to share some advice with his sister?

"I didn't give her too many of my hints, I didn't want her to do too well," Derek said.

Claire said her brother was a bit more helpful than he may have let on.

"My brother played before I did so he kind of told me what to do and what not to do and how the fairways were and the greens and stuff."

Although they aren't competing for the same title, they are playing for bragging rights. They both agree their dad is the family's best golfer, but who comes in first in this sibling rivalry?

"Derek's still got me, he's got a couple of years on me," Claire admitted.

But anything can happen in next year's event.

"She's improving, I'll give her that," Derek said. "She's doing better. Maybe someday she'll be able to beat me. We'll see."