Packers reunite longtime friends Deshone Kizer and Manny Wilkins

Published: Jul. 29, 2019 at 6:12 PM CDT
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Quarterback Deshone Kizer met Manny Wilkins at the Elite 11 Quarterback Competition. It's a competition camp that host the most talented high school quarterbacks in the country.

Six years later, the two quarterbacks have reunited on the Green Bay Packers.

"Manny and I go way back," Kizer said. "Manny is a guy who I was more than happy to allow into my home, live with me and take this process day-by-day together."

With Kizer's guidance, Wilkins has found a family-like comfort within the program.

"It made this transition a lot easier, not easier because this isn't easy, but more welcoming," Wilkins said.

Despite a deep bond and camaraderie on the field, it hasn't been all smooth for the two roommates.

"If he could just pick up after himself, things would be a little better," Kizer jokingly said. "He's awesome though."

Wilkins didn't shy away from his perspective of living under Kizer's roof.

"Everything needs to be in the same spot," Wilkins playfully said. "But its been awesome to have him as a roommate."

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