Packers offense showing improvement

Published: Aug. 1, 2019 at 9:47 PM CDT
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Practice number seven is in the books. The pads were off, and nothing extreme happened. Although, Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur tried to communicate through walkie-talkies, and that created a new barrier that the team tried to work through.

"I think the walkie-talkies sound a little bit different than when you have the headsets, and then we got the music blaring,” said LaFleur. “I think those walkie-talkies pick up a little bit more of that background noise. He just asked me to enunciate a little bit better."

There are some positive signs for the offense. Rodgers is starting to see the lightbulb click on offense.

"That's the key for this offense is we need to keep our important guys who we count on to have confidence in the scheme,” said Rodgers. “My confidence is growing in the scheme. Jimmy's confidence is growing in the scheme.”

“Davante (Adams), he kind of wakes up, and he's having a great day. He's had a great camp. That's when you're going to see us really start to make some jumps in the scheme."

There are still some kinks in the system. Just two days ago LaFleur was upset with how the offense performed. That sentiment is still there for some of the players.

"Same spot really, we’ve got to clean up some things,” said Adams. “I know Matt (LaFleur) talked about it a couple of days ago. Definitely got to knock off some of the rust and sloppiness when you're coming off of an off day.”

“It's going to happen right now because it's a new offense. Coming out of the huddle thinking about what you got a few times. You can definitely see it start to come together and guys starting to understand what they have and think a lot less."

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