Packers adjust to being a part of a virtual draft


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WSAW) -- The NFL announced that the Draft would be fully virtual at the beginning of April.

The Packers have been practicing in preparation for the changes. Green Bay was able to gather most of its pre-draft information before the COVID-19 pandemic prevented mass gatherings.

"Our process has been 20-something years," said Brian Gutekunst. "We're very heavy on tape evaluation. That's, obviously, the most important part of what we do. There are some things, certainly some measurable type things that we weren't able to get. There are some medical things that we would of normally had that we don't have, but as far as being able to make decisions for us, I think we have enough to make good decisions and help our football team."

That still doesn't mean there won't be some growing pains for Packers' management as they adjust to a new way of doing the Draft.

"I think it shouldn't be much different than usual as far as communication with my scouts," said Gutekunst. "I think the one thing as we've gone through, once that gets to a certain time limit, you just worry if there's all of a sudden going to be, you know, some kind of communication breakdown that might get in the way. I think the league is going to give a little leeway if you're in the middle of a trade or something like that."

Fortunately for the Packers, they didn't realize that a switch eight years ago would make a huge difference.

"Back in 2012 when I moved up here, we kind of went from binders, which is what we had always done before with Ted (Thompson), and we started to put everything digitally, so I think we were pretty well prepared for something like this," said Gutekunst. "It's just been a lot of trial and error over the last couple of weeks to make sure that we get it right."