Packers Lazard stepping into second receiver role

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 7:06 PM CST
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When the season started, everyone was wondering who would be the Packers number two receiver. It's officially Week 14 and the Packers have their guy, but it's not someone anyone would've thought.

"Obviously, I want to be an All-Pro, but I'm not really concerned about that, especially not this year only playing half the season so to speak on offense. Obviously, that's like a long term goal, but right now, I'm focused on just getting better every single day. My main goal that I have circled Miami in February," Packers receiver Allen Lazard said.

The goals don't seem so lofty after last week's performance. Lazard racked up 103 yards and a touchdown. A showing that changes everything.

"A lot of the exterior things have changed as far as, obviously, fans, Twitter mentions and all that. All that good stuff. For me personally, nothing has really changed. I've always had these expectations for myself. Now that I'm finally here, it's another milestone in my book," Lazard added.

Lazard isn't just putting fans on notice. His teammates understand the big picture when it comes to him taking on a bigger role.

"I think people kind of disrespected (him) at first cause you may not know who he is or (he's) a younger player that hasn't really been established yet. One, it allows him to come into a zone and get more comfortable in this offense, and two, obviously as he starts to develop more and contribute more, they start to have to take notice to that, (it) eventually lead(s) to less doubles and more opportunities for me," Packers receiver Davante Adams explained.

Lazard even added that he and Rodgers are starting to gain more confidence in each other. A clear sign to watch out for the former Iowa State Cyclone in the weeks moving forward.

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