NC7 Golf Classic Senior Men's competitor proves age is just a number

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Some say age is just a number, and no one at Greenwood Hills exemplifies that more than 83-year-old Plover resident Orly Francisco.

Francisco has been golfing for 53 years. That's as long as some of his competitors have been alive. His passion for golf was in the beginning, a way of getting him out of countless weekends stuck on call.

"When I went to Tomahawk to practice medicine, I didn't have any hobbies," Franciso said. "So on weekends, there was three of us, they would ask 'what are you doing this weekend?' I'd say 'well nothing.' 'Oh okay I'm going here, I'm going some place.' So I ended up being on call every weekend. So I figured I guess I better do something on the weekends to get out of this thing!"

He admits he was a little shocked to learn that he was the oldest player at this year's NewsChannel 7 Golf Classic.

"When I came down here I thought, these guys are looking young! I thought it was going to be like in the 60s, or 70s but he said no 50!"

But that doesn't mean he can't keep up with the "young guys."

"If they go out there and drink some beers, I go out and do it too!"

Franciso finished the first day of the Senior Men's event nine shots over par.