NC7 Golf Classic: An Inside look at Hole 9

WAUSAU, WIS (WSAW) -- NewsChannel 7's Golf Classic begins Thursday at Greenwood Hills Country Club and we give you an inside look at Hole 9 from Greenwood Hill's golf pro.

"Hi I'm Kerry Fitzgerald, golf pro at Greenwood Hills Country Club. We're standing on the 9th tee. This is a par 5. You can play anywhere from 470 to 525 yards.

During the tournament, this could be one of the major swing holes. There's a lot of hazards, but there's a lot of rewrads if you want to take the risks.

From the tee where we are looking at is left and right is out of bounds. There's a bunker on the left, bunker on the right. To carry the bunker on the left from the tees in approximately 250 to 270 yards depending on which tee we're using.

The general landing area for most players is just short of that bunker, leaving about 230 yards. The decision to be made, if you want to go for the green in two or lay up. If you're laying up, this general area short of the water, about 100 to 125 yards is a good place to go.

It's a two-tiered green protected by seven bunkers on the left, just left of that cart path is out of bounds, and of course water to the right.

There's a lot of risk-reward on this hole. It could be a turning point in the event."