Molding the next group of great girls golfers in Central Wisconsin

Published: Jul. 29, 2019 at 9:56 PM CDT
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Rubber ducks may be out of their environment on most golf courses, but not in Katie Kreuser's version of the LPGA Junior golf program.

"There's really nothing like it within a couple of hour radius."

Kreuser is the LPGA course pro at Sentryworld. For her group of six through ten year olds today, the goal was simple, manage your distance by hitting the ducks, and your reward? Take the squeaky toys home with you.

"I really liked when we did the rubber ducky things,” said Brooklyn Freiberg, a youth golfer. “I got a lot of rubber duckies for sure."

Nine-year old Freiberg has been playing golf for three years, and she's seen real progress in her game from her time in the program.

"Well I really learned about putting a lot,” said Freiberg. I think I've gotten better at it too."

There's a saying in golf "Drive for the show, putt for the dough", and Kreuser drives that point home to all her students.

"We work on putting and chipping just about every week, because it is such an important part of the game,” said Kreuser. “If you can get good at that part of the game, it's going to shave a lot of strokes off pretty quickly."

For all the young ladies participating in the program today, being able to work on their game on the same course where the center of youth girls golf was this past week provided some inspiration, and definitely a little extra drive to keep getting better.

Stella Quinlin, another youth golfer, said: "When you see all these other girls your age playing at such a high skill level it really pushes you to get better and keep working hard."

"I know the girls came in today to our lesson talking about some of the shots they had seen, and the scores that were shot,” said Kreuser.

Kreuser is looking to create the next group of great girls golfers in Central Wisconsin, and she likes the baseline she has to work with.

"The level of talent is so elevated from what it was even ten years ago."