LaFleur's former players rave about Packers new coach from SB 53

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ATLANTA, Ga. (WBAY) -- Who exactly are they getting with Matt LaFleur? And what do his former players think of his ascension to the top spot in Green Bay?

I asked the Rams this morning, who all raved of his coaching acumen. It wasn’t just Sean McVay. LaFleur had his fingerprints on the team’s improvement as offensive coordinator. And Jared Goff went from a 1000 yard passer as a rookie with an 0-7 record… to an 11-win quarterback with 3800 yards with LaFleur in town in year #2.

"Matt was great for me," Goff said. "I learned a lot with Matt. I just learned so much not only about what we are trying to do but about defenses and structures and the quarterback position. He was fresh off working with Matt Ryan. Matt was really great for me and I am excited to see what he could do in Green Bay."

"He is a great coach, has a great mind, is a good energy guy," said Rams receiver Robert Woods. "He knows the offense of side just like McVay. So I know he’s going to have big production for their offense."

"He is a great guy, great coach, I liked being coached by him," said Rams running back Todd Gurley. "Congratulations to him on being named head coach."

Outside of the X’s and O’s the Packers players told Mark Murphy they wanted a tough accountability-driven coach. Receiver Robert Woods thinks Murphy nailed the hire here.

"He is definitely that guy," Woods said. "He is a totally honest guy. He would let you know how he feels about a route or about a play or anything. He is definitely verbal. He will communicate well with the guys. He will definitely speak his mind and let you know if something is not clicking and that is not how the offense is ran."