Hello My Name Is: Vaughn Breit


Who's your favorite basketball player?

"Favorite basketball player is LeBron, he's the GOAT man."

Do you like LeBron on the Lakers?

"I do, but definitely on the Cavs he was my man."

If you could be good at another sport, which would it be?

"I'd say lacrosse. I actually love watching lacrosse, I don't know why but I just would always want to play that."

What's your favorite restaurant?

"Favorite restaurant I would say, B-Dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings), why not? Love the wings, they're good."

Favorite TV show?

"Favorite TV show is 'Family Guy'"

Favorite actor?

"I got to go with Mark Wahlberg, I think he's by far the best."

If you're stranded o an island, what three things do you need?

"I'm taking as much raspberry cheesecake as I can take. I'm taking some sort of knife just because it's probably important. Can I bring a person? I'd definitely bring LeBron he's my idol for sure."

What are your plans for after high school?

"If basketball doesn't work out my step-dad actually teaches at Duke, so I might go down somewhere in North Carolina actually and see what happens. We'll figure it out."