Hello My Name Is...Brooke Wierzbanowski

Published: Sep. 18, 2017 at 8:47 PM CDT
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How often do people butcher your last name?

"You know all the time, and I actually like people butchering my name because it makes it cooler I guess.

Do you like volleyball or softball better?

"I've gotten this question since I was really young and its always been the same answer. It's in the season. In volleyball season, I'm 100 percent volleyball. Then in softball I'm 100 percent softball."

What do you like about playing libero?

"I just love that I can use my height. I'm not very tall, but I can use that to my advantage as a libero. It gives me easier access to move quicker and I can focus on one thing and perfect that for my team. I'm like the oddball that's out there in a different colored jersey."

How do you get fired up for a game?

"Our finger dab. Which looks like this *demonstrates finger dab*. Because regular dabbing, we wanted to take that to a new level and it adds a new twist on it.

Have any quirks?

I can't wink. So when I wink I actually blink so it's kind of like a *demonstrates lack of winking ability*.

Favorite food?

"I really like pizza and mac and cheese, mac and cheese pizza, you combine them together and its my ultimate favorite."

Who inspires you?

"My parents. My parents are so different, my dad and my mom, but together they show me that anything is possible and they both give me awesome advice all the time so I really appreciate them."