Antigo family brings bikes to Green Bay looking to ride with players

It's everyone's favorite tradition in Titletown. People gather from all over the state of Wisconsin to help their favorite Packers players hitch a ride to practice.

Antigo resident Corey Smith and his family came early to training camp, in hopes of being one of the lucky ones picked.

"This was one of the things that we put on the bucket list because the girls have never been down here before,” said Smith. “I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring their bikes and see if they could get a player to ride it in to practice."

Sadly the ride into practice didn't prove to be fruitful for the Smith's.

"We brought bikes but the Packers didn't pick us,” said Paige and Zoey, Corey’s daughters. “But it's ok."

The family still cherishes their opportunity to see the green and gold play.

"Sometimes people can't make it out to games. Some games are sold out, it's expensive, can be hard to get tickets,” said Corey. “But this is a great and affordable way to take the whole family down."

And for the family, the trip is well worth it to see one player in particular.

"Rodgers is legendary status and he's the face of the franchise. It's the name that always pops up and he's the leader of the team."

Just like on the bikes today, the Smith family is hoping they can watch the packers cruise into the postseason

"Everybody on the same page is going to be a good place to start, hope fully this new young coaching staff can breathe some excitement into them,” said Corey. “Hopefully getting them all on the same page is the biggest thing."