40th NewsChannel 7 Men's Pinbuster

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(WSAW) -- The 40th NewsChannel 7 Pinbuster saw plenty of high scores and winners Saturday.

This year's Pinbuster also presented a challenge in Class A. Wooden Lanes.

"The margin of error is there is a lot less because if you miss wide it doesn't comeback as much, and the lanes tend to hook harder, so if you miss outside, it comes up heavier and leaves you splits. You can't score good with splits," Team Nassco bowler Austin Steinke said.

That didn't stop us from getting some winners. The highest game bowled in Division 1 was Ryan Heil with a 288. The top series was a whopping 784 That honor went to Scott Bahrke.

"Like I said, I've been bowling in a lot of tournaments, and I haven't been doing too well like the last few weeks, but this is my homeland. I have three lockers over there. I'm in here five days a week, so I felt like I had a little bit of an advantage," Bahrke said.

Let's take a look at the team scores. Third place goes to Exit Greater Reality. They blasted 3,157 pins. In second place, Edgar Lanes #1 puts up a massive score of 3,202. Finally, your defending champs are back at it again. That's what Kim's BS Sauce is saying after they clobbered 3,351 pins.

"It means a lot. They key to our success is communication. Obviously when somebody is struggling, it's the next person up picks them up. Whether they might miss a spare or whatever it might be. We worked well together today," Kim's BS Sauce bowler Rick Volhard said.

Class B in Stevens Point featured tight competition on the team level and superb performances in division two individual.

Let's start with the individual honors, high game in division two goes to Mark Van Rixel who put up an impressive 289.

High series in division two goes to Chris Hein bowling out of Athens who crushed 675 pins on the day.

"I really wasn't expecting to do much today, so getting first for D-2 high series was pretty nice, very exciting," Hein said.

Over to class B teams. Believe it or not, third place was a tie between Memory Lanes #2 out of Athens and West Cove Lanes. Not only did they tie, they both finished one pin short of a 3,000 series with 2,999.

Second place goes to White Tail Lanes bowling out of Amherst, they put on an impressive showing knocking down 3,072 pins on the day.

No one in Class B could catch Arrow Precision Asphalt. They put on a show with a series score of 3,142, including a whopping 1,121 in the third game.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 40th Newschannel 7 Men's Pinbuster, and congratulations to all the winners.