Your Town: New computer science curriculum at SPASH hopes to attract more students

Published: Dec. 7, 2017 at 4:47 PM CST
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Recently the Stevens Point High School revamped its computer science course with the hopes of attracting more students. The courses now include video game design and allows students to learn computer coding while having fun designing games.

Kate Kaster is the computer science teacher at SPASH, she said she;s shocked at how many students are now interested in the course since making the changes.

"With game design your programming scripts that actually move the objects. So they're going to be learning c-sharp which is a higher level language that they can go ahead and transfer those skills to java or what ever other language that they want to," explained Kaster.

Bennett Wedorf is a student of Kaster he said he said while the gaming aspect of the class is fun, he enjoys solving problems as well.

"It's really fun for me to see something that doesn't work and try and fix it so that it does work," said Wedorf.

Helping her students find their nitch is what Kaster said she is hoping to do with this new curriculum and is excited to see the students the course attracts in the future.

"The cool thing about game design is you can be into music, sports, or what ever else that they're into and we can create a game around what ever interests you," said Kaster. "So now if I can share real life examples with them and get them to share the excitement that I feel about computer science that's what I'm about."