Your Town Stratford: This and That Wisconsin Store focuses on highlighting the state

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- The this and that store here in Stratford is your go to place for ice cream, wine, cheese, maple syrup, honey homemade greeting card and much more all made from local Wisconsin vendors. Jen and Bernie Wenzel opened the novelty shop in 2013 when the idea came to them while renovating their garage.

While the space was originally supposed to become an office and bathroom for their business, Resource Recovery, that all changed when Bernie decided he wanted to stay busy during his businesses off season. Since then the This and That Wisconsin Store has become a great hang out space for locals who want a taste of what their state has to offer.

This year the store was even awarded the 2018 small business of the year by the Stratford chamber of commerce. The Wenzel’s said they are happy to stand alongside the other great businesses in Stratford.

"We have a lot of great businesses in town and you know, a lot of them have been honored with the award and it's nice to stand on the same piece of paper and on the same plaque that their names are on as well,” said Bernie.

The This and That Store currently works with a few local cheese, beer and sausage makers around the state. But they are most known for their free wine tasting nights. Every week the store picks from one of the 15 wineries that they are paired with and offers sampling of four different wines to anyone who stops in. While the schedule changes depending on their kid’s schedule, Jen said that anywhere from 30 to 100 people usually participates.

"It's been about 6 years and it's been highlighted by Jens wine nights that she has once a week throughout the spring summer and fall and she draws in many people each year and sometimes up to 100 people a week for three hours to sample new wines,” Bernie explained.

Jen and Bernie Wenzel run the this and that store with the help of their 5 kids, providing the community with a place to get great local good and a spot to hang out. Shelly Kaiser from Halder who frequents the store said that she love the variety of good for purchase.

"They've got cheese, wine, plants, flowers, even ice cream. What more could you need?” Kaiser said.

For the Wenzel’s, the store is more than just a fun spot, but a place to teach their kids valuable lessons.

"Playing video games isn't really a good job so we wanted our kids to work and learn how to work and this is something we thought we would be able to control them a little bit here. Keep them here and being able to help guide them a little bit and make sure they're doing a good job before they actually get out into the workforce."

The This and That Wisconsin Store is open from 10 to 5 on weekdays between June and October