Your pet's health can improve yours

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Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 3:27 PM CST
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We all know that the holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Planning, coordinating, spending, traveling – the list goes on. Luckily, spending some quality time with a four-legged friend can ease the holiday stress and potentially improve your health.

Studies show an owner’s health may be positively impacted by having a pet. Time spent with a dog can help ease stress and anxiety levels for the owner, and knowing that the dog is getting the right nutrition can have the same effect.

Along with a reduction in stress and anxiety, studies have shown that pet owners can also see lower blood pressure and sometimes lower cholesterol levels – all great for the owners’ health.

"Studies have shown that kids that grow up in a household with pets, actually do better in school," said renowned veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Werber.

He joined NewsChannel 7 at 4 on Wednesday to share tips and tricks to help keep dogs – and ourselves – healthy during the holiday season.

"The routine is very important, of course it starts with diet and exercise and preventative veterinary care."

He recommends foods that have an animal source of protein as its first ingredient and grains, that are very healthy for our pets.

"Grains break down into carbs, and carbs provide energy. Grains is a great source of fiber, and fiber is really good as a prebiotic for intestinal health," Dr. Werber explained.

He added to also pay attention to things around the holidays that you should make sure your pet is avoiding, like fatty or oily foods, nuts, chocolate, raisins, ornaments, decorations around the house like tinsel and candles.

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