Your Town Stratford: Joke between a mother and daughter turns into full blown business

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STRATFORD, Wis. (WSAW) What started off as a joke between a mother and a daughter has turned into a full blown business.

Sierra Custer said she had joked with her mother for a while that the pair should open a coffee shop together because they both love coffee so much. In October 2018, that joke became a reality.

"The building became available so we just kind of ran with it from there" Custer said.

To date, their coffee shop Ground Up is one of the most popular cafes in Stratford. Custer's mom and Ground Up Co-owner Kimberly Mueller said the community has shown their support since their opening,

"We're really happy to see our customers in here. We have a lot of regulars. We have a lot of people who maybe we don't know their names but we definitely know what they're coming to drink"

In addition to coffee, smoothies, blended drinks, Ground Up also offers a unique a low carb drink menu. Watch the videos above to learn even more about the popular coffee spot.