Your Town: Delta Dental enjoys giving back to the community

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) - At Delta Dental in Your Town Stevens Point, employees volunteering is common. In fact, it is encouraged.

Delta Dental sign 12/6/19 (WSAW photo)

Leaders within the company, like vice president of finance Craig Aittama, choose to lead by example with the work that they do in the community. That work is mirrored by the company’s employees.

Aittama chooses to spend his time volunteering by delivering meals as a part of the “Meals on Wheels” program.

“I have always enjoyed it. I actually get to know my patrons, I become friends with them,” said Aittama. “I get a lot out of the delivery.”

He has been volunteering with the program for nearly 18 years, and now, his fellow employees are able to follow his example.

“We sponsor a route, Tuesdays and Thursdays,” said Aittama. “We have a signup sheet for all employees to participate and it’s usually full.”

Meals on Wheels is one of several programs that the company chooses to support. Recently, employees donated pajamas, books and toothbrushes as a part of the Family Crisis Center’s Brush Book Bed event.

“With the generosity of Delta Dental, we have the opportunity to provide pajamas, tooth brushes and books to the children who receive our services,” said Kathy Junion, shelter coordinator at the Family Crisis Center. “It’s hard to express how meaningful donations like this are because we have the privilege to see how it impacts the families and it’s hard to express that in words.”

It’s this type of work that has and continues to inspire Amanda Lowery while working for the company.

“Coming to Delta Dental as an employee, I was amazed after being here for a little while,” said Lowery. “I was amazed at seeing the extent in which the company itself has roots within the community, and how that’s transferred over to the employees.”

A group eager to make a difference in the community they call home.

“Delta Dental is known in the region as being a generous contributor to a lot of organizations, but one of the things being an employee that has struck me is all of the employees that get involved in these activities,” added Lowery. “Whether it be their time or also donating items like we’ve done here recently with the Book Brush Bed event; donating pajamas, or monetary amounts or their time.”

"I recommend volunteering in some fashion to all citizens," said Aittama. "It’s a little hard at first, you’re unsure of the commitment perhaps, but once you get into it, I look forward to those Fridays that I drive Meals on Wheels, and the looks of appreciation that come. It’s just a feeling of gratification to help someone else in need.”