Your Town Wis. Rapids: Solarus offers room with smart home features

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Solarus offers a room, setup like one wired with smart home features.

Voice automated lights, locks and music are all on display.

They can be programmed into your cell phone to give you piece of mind while you're away and also fun options for entertainment.

Tom Corcoran with Audio Video Environments helps install the features, and explained a little bit about how it works, "When my garage door opens, my lights come on, lights a path to the kitchen. So, the kids aren't running under foot. I've got my arms full of groceries, they're all going in and there's a nice path lit to the kitchen. Thermostat comes on and maybe my favorite music list is playing at the same time as well, all triggered by the garage door."

To take a look at the interactive smart room, head over to Solarus at 440 East Grand Avenue.