What you need to know about absentee ballots, changing polling locations

Published: May. 4, 2020 at 9:40 PM CDT
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You may have gotten a third party postcard in the mail, telling you to send it back so you can request a ballot. But, to get that ballot, clerks say you need to have a photo ID.

Here in Marathon County, that's an issue.

"So, clerks are getting frustrated. They are looking to their utility billing system or some other way to get contact information. Either they're not able to find their phone number, they're leaving messages, people are not calling them back, or they are just so inundated with absentee ballot requests that day, they just don't have the time," said County Clerk Kim Trueblood

Trueblood said if you've sent the postcard without your ID, all you have to do is call your clerk and tell them you're sending it or you can vote absentee in-person at the clerk's office. You need to do that as soon as possible.

If you plan to vote in-person and you live in the Wausau area, make sure your polling place hasn't changed.

This is a list of polling locations on the City of Wausau website:

Districts 1 and 2: Pilgrim Lutheran Church, 709 Weston Avenue, Wausau. Districts 3 and 10: Marathon Park East Gate, 600 Block of Garfield Ave, Wausau. Districts 4 and 5: Boys & Girls Club of Wausau, 1710 N 2nd Street, Wausau. District 6: Wausau East High School, 2607 N 18th Street, Wausau. District 7 and 8: St. Mark's Lutheran Church, 600 Stevens Drive, Wausau. District 9 and 11: National Guard Armory I, 833 S 17th Avenue, Wausau.

You can find more information on the city's

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