You can expect to see more road construction zones as the state works to fix roads

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Governor Tony Evers was joined by local government officials on Monday to help fix a road here in Wausau. He says the new state budget was one of the highest levels of transportation funding in more than a generation.

With the new budget the Wisconsin Department of Transportation said residents should see more orange barrels as they get to work on fixing potholes and rough roads. "We put an additional $320 million in the state highway rehab program that enables us to move up or accelerate 200 plus programs throughout the state that wouldn't have been gone through. This will be seen all throughout north central Wisconsin," explained Joel Nilsestuen, Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

One of those roadways includes Business 51 which has been a headache for drivers in the Wausau area. "Resurfacing of a stretch of Business 51 starts in 2020 and another part in 2021, with a pavement replacement scheduled for 2025," said Nilsestuen.

The money for these fixes came from drivers by increasing vehicle registration and title fees. "I wish we would've had a different way of sustaining this funding. We believe our purpose of the gas tax would have been a better proposal but at the end of the day we are thankful to the legislature for fixing the roads," said Governor Tony Evers.

Evers says funding will continue to be an on-going problem in the state. "It's not just roads, it's transit systems, making sure our ports and bridges are safe. So it's a safety issue, convenience issue and economic issue."