You Know You're From...Weston: Mr. Dave

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WESTON, Wis. (WSAW)-- Dave Buettner's to-do list is never ending.

"He's never sitting still," said Dr. Patrick Phelan, Mountain Bay Elementary Principal.

"I don't even see him eat lunch," Peg Bindl said with a laugh.

"He keeps our school clean," said 4th grader Hope Jagodzinski.

Buettner is always smiling at Mountain Bay Elementary in Weston, usually. Dr. Phelan says he has noticed one pet peeve.

"Garbage cans over here. Sometimes they miss," he then laughed.

Aside from that little pet peeve, and the occasional cleaning up of vomit, it's a job he wouldn't trade. Mr. Dave, as the kids call him, worked at Federal Mogul before they closed their doors in March of 2011.

"I used to be a machinist, actually," said Buettner. "So I made piston rings, and that. Instead of staying in factory I went into something that would be more rewarding."

He immediately found a job in the DC Everest School district. Waited patiently and 4 years ago landed his dream job.

"Relationships are important in our building and he fit right in, as far as that goes, when I hired him," said Dr. Phelan.

"I think he came here because he likes children," added Jagodzinski.

That feeling is mutual. It's not uncommon for Mr. Dave to give a job to the students.

"When us teachers need help with kids that we're struggling with in our classroom, we say, hey Dave, do you mind having an errand for this kid," said Bindl, a 3rd grade teacher.

"Push a dust mop around and stuff like that," Buettener said. "Occasionally I'll take them out or shoot hoops with them. Some may have a tough life at home and they need something positive to look forward to."

When he's not at the school, a hobby farm keeps him busy with beef cows, mini-horses and raises pigs 9 months out of the year. But it's taking care of Mountain Bay, and the students, that keeps Mr. Dave happier than a pig in mud.

"You can't ask for a better school, and good staff to work with, great kids to work with."

Mr. Dave has a 3-year-old granddaughter who will be going to Mountain Bay when that time arrives.