You Know You're From...Stettin: Liz & Aiden

Published: Sep. 3, 2019 at 10:13 PM CDT
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"I purchased this place to be my retirement home," said Liz Rice, as she showed us around the arena.

Horses are her game. Liz Rice is her name.

"I saw a big need in the area for coaching and this type of thing," said Rice.

Liz made the move from Tampa to Stettin 10 years ago. She's been competing and teaching for better than 4 decades. Liz's resume has 17 world championships.

"This is my entire life."

Meighan March started bringing her two kids to Victory Lane Riding Academy a few years back.

"It's our family sport," said March. "We don't fish, we don't hunt. We ride."

That includes her daughter Lauren and older son Aiden.

"I wasn't sure about the horses," Aiden said, recalling his mom's idea.

Aiden has autism.

"He's in the middle range," Meighan said. "You know, he's got a lot of the characteristics. But they're not as significant and he doesn't have as many."

"I see how much he's evolved," said Rice.

"I was like, alright. Liz knows what she's doing," Aiden said.

When his American Saddle Bred, Zacapa, galloped into his life last summer, their bond has been unbreakable.

"When I'm on him he actually takes very good care of me," said Aiden.

"When he first started coming here, balance was really a difficulty. Hand coordination was hard," added Meighan.

Liz, Zacapa and his own determination have helped Aiden evolve. The 15 year-old's confidence is as high as its ever been.

"He is so social," said the proud mom.

"What better legacy can I leave as I get older than have someone that I've helped be a better person," said Rice.

Just don't ask the Mosinee sophomore about giving up his time with Zacapa to head back to school.

"Not too much. I was actually enjoying the free time."

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