You Know You're From...Rib Lake

Published: Jan. 14, 2019 at 10:13 PM CST
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At Rib Lake Elementary School, students rotate between stations. And then there's the multiplication station.

"I would call it an anomaly," Principal Jon Dallmann said with a smile.

In this 5th grade class of 49 there are twins. Four sets of twins.

"Its unique," said teacher Garrett Anderson.

There's Camryn and Coralee Glenzer. Merrick and Zachary Olson. Clayton and Cole Bube. Talon and Tahlia Scheitauer.

"They have an opportunity, the way the class is set up now, where they're able to interact the whole time with Mr. and Mrs. Anderson in the team-teaching style," said Dallmann.

"If we don't know something we'll ask them and they'll know," said Clayton Bube.

"We help each other out," added twin brother Cole.

And there's the teachers. Garrett Anderson is a twin.

"My twin and I, we look alike."

He's of no relation to fellow 5th grade teacher Barb Anderson.

"I raised twin daughters," Barb said.

Hollywood couldn't come up with a better script.

"It was meant to be that Gary and I work together," Bard said, "take our strengths together and be blessed with these 4 sets of twins."

Each set of twins is as different as they are similar.

"I like football," screamed Merrick Olson.

His twin chimed in, "I don't like football. I usually watch 'Cops' or 'Walker, Texas Ranger.'"

"I usually do a pony tail," said Camryn Glenzer, on how to identify her.

"And I have two moles on my forehead," identical twin Coralee added.

"These last months, he just sprouted like a tree," Cole Bube said, pointing to his taller brother Clayton.

Tahlia Scheithauer said to her brother Talon, "You have glasses."

"I only really need them for really up close," Talon added.

If there's anyone who can appreciate the 4 sets of circumstances, its Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. They were built for this moment.

"You don't think of them being twins, they're individuals, treat them the way you treat all other students," said Garrett Anderson.

"They're all unique and they come with different strengths and weaknesses," said Barb Anderson, "and its my job to tap into those and find out how I can help them."

Twinning in Rib Lake.

Two of a kind, individually wrapped.

"Best friends," Talon said about his sister.

"Good friends," is how Tahlia described Talon, with laughter.

The Scheithauer twins say they actually have the same dream every Christmas Eve, but they wanted to keep that between the two of them.

There is one more set of twins in the 2nd grade at Rib Lake. None in the middle or high school.

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