You Know You're From...Auburndale: Glen Seidl

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AUBURNDALE, Wis. (WSAW)-- Mary Lou Kollross is in a rush.

"We've got to get it done. I like having this done day after Thanksgiving."

A tree welcomes you to Westside Service.

"We don't have a place to store it," she said.

Instead, they keep the tree up year-round, with a theme.

"I started decorating it for the season."

It's a newer tradition for an operation that's been around since 1977.

"Treat people like you want to be treated," said Glen Seidl, owner of Westside.

Seidl was just 20 years old when he decided to get into the car sales business. 'Quality cars at affordable prices.'

"I played with cars all my life so it just came natural. When I graduated from high school I thought that'd be the thing to do."

For the last 29 years, he's worked side by side with his sister, Mary Lou.

"It's one of the best moves I made," Glen said.

"I can get mad at him and I still know I have a job the next day," Mary Lou said with a big laugh. "We do a lot of internet sales now, advertising is good that way. Glen's a good, easy person to work with."

Mike Vincelli has bought three cars from Glen and Westside Service, making the trip from Wausau.

"The prices are so reasonable, he said. "And then the small-town atmosphere, the warmth you get and the friendliness, genuine honesty you feel, it makes you feel you're going back to Mayberry."

Oh, golly! The showroom features items from yesteryear...jukeboxes, a phone booth and various other decor.

"Most of this stuff pretty well finds me," said Glen. "I don't go out looking for it. People come in and think you should have this."

Retirement isn't in the plans for the 63 year old.

"Do the best you can do and be happy with yourself," Glen said about his future plans.

"Last time I said, I hope you don't retire for a while because as far as I'm concerned you're my go-to guy," Vincelli said.

When, or if, you pay them a visit, their tree will always welcome you.

"I think we got her," Mary Lou as she steps away to see the finished product. "Merry Christmas."

Glen and Mary Lou are just 2 of 9 siblings. 5 of those 9 have, or still do, work with cars.

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