YOUR TOWN: Marshfield Area Pet Shelter looks to build a new facility this year

Published: Jun. 4, 2019 at 4:26 PM CDT
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"These happy puppies and families got a second chance and we were apart of that. They brought a lot of joy to our staff and volunteers here at MAPS," explained Karen Rau, Executive Director at Marshfield Area Pet Shelter.

In Febuary eight puppies were saved from a dumpster and police took them to the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter. Now those puppies are safe and with good families all thanks to the community and this shelter.

But the shelter did not have an easy start. "We were housing animals in our private homes because we had no place to house animals at the time," said Rau.

It all started in the fall of 2011 a small group of men and women who loved animals wanted to make the Marshfield area safer and healthier for pets and people. "There was a huge need in the city of Marshfield to enable our police department to have an outlet for the hundreds of stray animals they brought in every year inside city limits. There was nothing for these animals," Rau said.

Now these pets have a safe place to go with an intake on 29th Street and an adoption center at the Marshfield Mall.

MAPS relies on volunteers to make it all happen. "We have around 60 active volunteers who provide day to day operations at our locations here in Marshfield," Rau explained.

The need is simply too great for what both locations can handle. "Our adoption center is limited we are looking at building a brand new facility and we have been fundraising since 2013," said Rau.

The new state-of-art permeant facility will be located at 3500 Downwind Drive. They hope to break ground this year.