Your Town Minocqua: Lakeland Star School Academy opens this fall

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MINOCQUA, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Lakeland Star School Academy will open this fall to all types of learners and more specifically students on the Autism spectrum.

To help these students succeed the academy is tailored to meet many diverse needs. With smaller class sizes, sensory rooms and even art therapy. The goal is to give students on the spectrum an opportunity to succeed in an environment that's suited to them.

In creating the new charter school, District Administrator and Principal of Lakeland Union High School, James Bouche explained that they looked into what could help the most.

"How can we tap into their strengths? That's the biggest thing we are looking at is taping into the strengths of the students so they can have productive lives down the line," Bouche said.

The academy will work with students in 7th through 12th grade, and so far 22 students are already enrolled.

The Lead Teacher and Director of the new school said the lesson plans will focus on transition. "It's transition focused by providing a lot of different opportunities that are not traditional if you will using therapy and dog therapy. What it all comes down to is providing parents a choice," said Eric Mikoleit.

Both Bouche and Mikoleit believe the school will benefit the students, the community and even the state as a whole. They are hoping to inspire other schools in Wisconsin to do the same.