Your Town Stratford: Community remembers treasured member with shelter dedication

Published: Jun. 17, 2019 at 10:56 PM CDT
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Your Town Stratford is honoring Bev Aschenbrenner, who died in a tragic car crash in 2016.

"Today is all about the dedication of the memorial shelter," Bev's son, Brandon Aschenbrenner said.

For Stratford residents, especially ones involved in athletics,

Bev Aschenbrenner is a household name.

"Anything that had to do with the Stratford Tigers, mom was definitely there," Aschenbrenner said.

"Well Bev was of course doing this for 40 plus years, she did it when I was a little guy," memorial organizer Tom Kolb said.

Bev passed away in June of 2016 in a car crash but after years of dedication to Stratford youth athletics and giving back to her community, her community took time to remember her legacy.

Through fundraising efforts, the Village of Stratford was able to build a pavilion in Bev's honor.

"The constant dedication that she had over the years and this is just another part of showing how much dedication was from her and her family," Kolb said.

"This is just something she'd be extremely proud of, to keep her legacy living on," Aschenbrenner said.

For Brandon and the the rest of Bev's family, they hope the pavilion can be a reminder of what Bev did for her community.

"To be able to set that stone in the community is huge. Plus, to continue honoring her legacy at the event here and all the events here with the star club and having the memorial race at the Marshfield race track. Just to keep her memory alive and building is the most important," according to Aschenbrenner.

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