Wisconsin's appointed Curd Nerd stops in Wausau to score cheese curds

Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 10:31 PM CDT
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Wisconsin’s newly appointed Curd Nerd is on a mission to find the best cheese curds in the state. Thursday was her first stop in Wausau at the 2510 Restaurant.

“Everyone says they have the best cheese curds so that's why I am here to try them all,” said Chris Attaway who was appointed by EatStreet which is a food ordering and delivery service based in Madison. “I want to get right to the cheese!”

Attaway is traveling the state for two weeks eating cheese curds along the way. Within the last eight days, she’s been to at least 34 locations scoring each cheese curd she eats.

“Unlike other places, it feels like all the cheese curds we have seen in Wausau have been just giant,” laughed Attaway.

The scoring is based on six categories; the flavor, texture, smell, presentation, dipping sauce and even squeakiness.

“I think our cheese curds are the best because they are nice and thin and delicious,” added Sam Heilmeier who is the 2510 Resturant Manager.

2510 donated free cheese curds to some of their biggest fans and the Curd Nerd surprised the winners by dropping them off their house as she went through Wausau.

The winner with the highest score will receive bragging rights throughout the state as the restaurant with the best cheese curd. The Curd Nerd says she plans to announce the winner within the next two weeks.