Wisconsin farmers enjoying perfect planting weather

Published: May. 15, 2020 at 5:48 PM CDT
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It's a picture perfect spring for area farmers, after a terrible start to last year.

"It was rainy, it was wet, we weren't able to get crops in so they were way behind schedule. Some fields didn't even get planted because they were so wet," Marathon County agriculture educator Heather Schlesser said.

"Really it's dryer now than any other time that I could remember last year at all," Pleasant View Dairy's James Juedes added.

The conditions have farmers ahead of schedule in 2020. Some have even finished all of their planting. But the farmers will be keeping their eyes on the possible rain this weekend, to see if they can go in and out of their fields.

"So the seeds themselves can have a little extra water. We're not worried so much with that, we're worried more about getting into the field with the tractors and equipment getting stuck and compacting the soil," Schlesser explained.

If there are no setbacks from the rain, the farmers could be in great shape going forward.

"It make a big difference, if you get them in the ground it makes a big difference come fall if the corn is ripe, the soybeans, the hay crops. It makes a huge difference. You can't under estimate being able to get it in in a timely matter," Juedes said.

"This years planting season has really been one that's a long way coming. It's really been a Godsend for these farmers to get stuff in in such a quick time," Schlesser added.

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