Wisconsin cracks down on illegal card skimmers

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (FOX 11) -- Wisconsin is cracking down on people trying to get their hands on your credit card information.

State audits are helping catch illegal card skimmers at gas pumps and ATMs. Thieves can quickly get in and out of machines with easily accessible keys, making skimmers virtually invisible.

"I'm checking to make sure there are not two cards, a second card stuck in here somewhere. I do comparisons one side of the dispenser to the other side see if anything is different, anything looks odd or if there's bulky tape," said Jacques Daniel, an inspector with Wisconsin Weights and Measures.

Some stations actually have tamper evidence security seals. They're not required, but do give drivers another layer of protection. The stickers, when peeled, automatically say void across them. Since annual gas station inspections started in 2016, the state said credit card skimming is declining.

Daniel said paying with cash can protect you. He also suggested going to stores that have cameras and avoiding pumps on the outside edges of the gas station.