Wisconsin Rapids Aquatic Center moves forward

It's a busy summer for Wisconsin Rapids, where they're adding in a major pool area.

"What they're doing is they're excavating for the pools. Since there are three individual bodies of water, that excavation is happening right now. Then they will begin framing that up and working on all the other sight work and prep around there," says Mayor Zach Vruwink.

The mayor says the center will be inclusive of all age demographics and have a fee structure that will make it affordable for all families.

The pool is built with the intention to not only host the residents of Wisconsin Rapids, but also people from surrounding cities that are interested in the facility.

Vruwink says, "residents from those communities might want to check out the facilities in Wisconsin Rapids. So we wanted to bear all of that in mind to make sure that the pool wouldn't be over crowded. It would primarily service our residents, but potentially serve people outside the region as well."

He says support was strong for the center in Rapids. And, since it's close to Witter Field where the Rafters play baseball, people head to a game after taking a dip.