Wisconsin Lightning Safety Awareness Day

Published: Jun. 25, 2019 at 6:30 AM CDT
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When thunder roars, go indoors is an an easy way to remember how you can stay safe during a thunderstorm. June 25th is Wisconsin Lightning Safety Awareness Day and the Wisconsin Emergency Management is encouraging the everyone to learn more about the dangers of lightning and how to stay safe in bad weather conditions.

According to the National Safety Council, in the last 12 years 396 have died from a lightning strike, nine of which happened in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin emergency management wants everyone to know that the safest place to be when there is a thunderstorm is inside a sturdy shelter.Contrary to popular belief staying low to the ground is not safe as lightning can travel after hitting the ground.They say that if you can't seek shelter to never hid under a tree, or touch metal surfaces if sitting in a car. Austin Beckett with the Wisconsin Emergency management warned that even if you only hear thunder, to still take precautions.

"Wisconsin is obviously no stranger to severe weather. And lightning obviously accompanies severe thunderstorms when they roll throughout the area," Beckett explained. "So we want to make sure people are staying aware of that fact that when you see lightning in the sky there is a good chance that it could strike the ground. Even if you just hear thunder, there is a good chance that lightning could strike in your area."

Heath officials say that if a person you know has been struck by lightning to immediately call 911 and perform CPR. Do not be afraid to touch the victim as the human body does not hold an electrical charge.

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