Wisconsin candidates for governor speak out about kneeling during the national anthem

Published: Sep. 6, 2018 at 9:43 PM CDT
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Kneeling during the national anthem is a hot topic not just on the football field, but in politics, too. Candidates for Wisconsin Governor and Lieutenant Governor are going back and forth on the issue.

"Yeah, Donald Trump didn't know the words to the national anthem. That's what I was tweeting about, " said Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes about a tweet from Republican Governor Scott Walker.

That tweet had an image of a quote-tweet from Barnes that was sent back in January.

It was a Yahoo sports article with the headline: 'Does Donald Trump know the words to the national anthem?,' to which Barnes tweeted the reply 'take a knee.'

In his tweet, the governor also said, "'Tony Evers' running mate says 'take a knee. Does Evers share that belief or does he believe that everyone should stand up for the national anthem out of respect for our veterans and service members?"

While Evers didn't answer questions about the governor's tweet during a stop in the Chippewa Valley Thursday, he did respond to the governor's tweet saying, "I am proud to stand for the national anthem and I am proud to respect our first amendment rights to peacefully protest." Scott Walker wants to distract and divide us. Anything to avoid talking about his record, that's why we need a change."

Governor Walker has made it clear that all players should stand when the national anthem is played. Barnes responded to that, questioning Walker's patriotism and asking why he never served in the military. Republican Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch jumped in, accusing Barns of kneeling during the national anthem, to which he called her a liar.