Wintry weather causes issues for our pets

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KRONENWETTER, Wis. (WSAW) -- This wintry weather can cause problems for our furry friends. Many pet owners may find their dogs are unwilling to go outside to do their business because of cold temperatures and the massive amounts of snow.

Local veterinarians say cases of urinary tract infections in dogs have increased in the last few weeks. Doctor Erica Esser at Kronenwetter Veterinary Care says there are some things you can do to help your four-legged friends.

"Using a shovel to make little pathways, putting down straw or wood chips on top of the snow to have a potty areas so that they're comfortable, going out frequently because they sometimes will go out and just pee but they also have to do other things, so kind of making multiple trips outside so they have opportunities and don't have to do everything all at once," she said.

She says some warning signs to look out for include having accidents in the house, a different smell or color to the urine, asking to go out frequently or only going small amounts at a time.

Another cold weather issue vets are seeing involves salt on our dogs' paws.

"With the ice and all of the collection on the roads, that's all stuff that collects on a dog's paws. It can either cause local irritation or when they lick the paws they can end up ingesting that material, too. We encourage clients to wipe paws when they come inside," she said.