Wife, daughter who disappeared from Dale felt "sick," "unsafe" at home, police reports say

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DALE, Wis. (WBAY) - Deputies' reports offer new details and insight in the disappearances of Jill Rousseau and her daughter Jordan in mid-June, who told deputies they felt "sick" and "unsafe" in their home.

Jill, 55, and Jordan, 21, disappeared on June 16 after driving away from their business. They were found in Madison on June 19.

Action 2 News obtained investigators' reports through a Freedom of Information Act request to the Outagamie County Sheriff's Office.

The reports show their husband and father, Kelly Rousseau, was attending a funeral in Minnesota the weekend they left. He was surprised to come home and find they weren't there. He trusted they were sleeping at the offices of their business, but they didn't come home the next day. He found their cell phones at home, but not their purses.

He checked their bank accounts, and he checked money stashed at their business, and no money was missing. His daughter's Ford F150 was parked at their business, but his wife's Ford Expedition was gone.

He called the sheriff's office to report his wife and daughter missing. He told deputies he wasn't aware of any troubles in his marriage. Asked if Jill would want a divorce, he said no, things seemed to be fine. He said he and his wife were planning a trip to Boston the next week.

Deputies described Kelly as looking perplexed and confused why his wife and daughter weren't home.

Kelly said Jill and Jordan didn't have any mental health concerns, but he added that Jill had a breakdown 13 years earlier and received psychiatric help.

Friends and professionals were also interviewed. They backed up Kelly's assertions that they had a good marriage or said Jill never expressed any problems with their marriage.

On June 19, a hotel manager in Madison called police after recognizing Jill Rousseau's name on a guest's Wisconsin ID. Madison police stopped their car and found Jill and Jordan.

The police officer said both women seemed alert, and Jill acknowledged people back home were probably worried about her.

But Jill Rousseau repeatedly said, according to the report, "she was afraid and not sure who she could trust." Asked if she was afraid of her husband, she said no and she just wanted to come home.

In a follow-up interview on June 20, the day after they were found, Jill and Jordan both told investigators "they weren't feeling safe at home." They never gave a reason, though they reiterated that they weren't fearful of Kelly. They only said they were "having issues with being sick, and something didn't seem right at the home."

The Outagamie County sheriff's sergeant interviewing them said he was concerned both Jill and Jordan "showed signs of declining mental health, but neither wanted to speak to anyone about it." The sergeant offered the family the services of Outagamie County Crisis.

The sheriff's department told the media they considered the case closed once the women were home safe and it was determined they left home on their own.

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